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The Strasek trade was founded in 1949. and operates on the same adress, Ilica 53, Zagreb to the present day.
The workshop was founded by my father, whose father and grandfather were in the same trade.
The Strasek family was in this trade since 1836., for which it payed taxes to the city of Zagreb from its adress in Nova Ves, as can be seen in the documents of the period.
I have been working in my fathers workshop for thirty years and became the owner in 1986.
All of our work is done in the traditional way, just like it was in the beginning of the last century. All of the pastes and polishes and the sharpening board preparation are made by the old family recipe, with regard to enviroment, as all of the materials are natural. All phases of the work are done manualy, without the use of machinery.
The workshop specialises in sharpening of all the metal objects for domestic usage, butcheries (knives, scissors, meatgrinders). We also sharpen surgical, hair stylists and pedicure tools (scissors, shavers, etc.), as well as medical instruments. The workshop has throughout the years become renowned for the quality of its sharpening and polishing work.
Besides the mentioned, we also specialise in making duplicates of all kinds of house and car keys, as well as coded car keys. We take great pleasure in owning most of the spare keys, so we can be at your service at any time.
You are welcome to visit us and assure yourself in the quality of our service.
Our motto is tradition and supreme quality.

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